Does your website convert visitors into really interested customers?  Creating a personal experience is how your website can win customers over.  You have a short time, under a few seconds, to keep their attention.  We create websites that fit multi-screens – ‘Mobile Devices’, ‘Tablets, & ‘Desktops’.  A website that works for you will ‘Generate Phone Calls’, ‘Email Inquiries’, ‘Newsletter Sign-ups’ and ‘Grow Social Media Fans’.  What else?

Today, thumb friendly web searches are more common than ever because of smart phone friendly devices and tablets.  The look and feel of your website is consistent, engaging, and converts more when you think with your thumb.

Content is king to search engines.  iBuildBiz creates a minimum of 6 engaging pages  of content giving your visitors a unique experience and quality information.  We deliver solutions that guide the experience visitors on your website, and that is customizable to fit your goals.

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Our goal is to help you be found online.  Dependent on the type of business, the SEO strategy can be different.  Most businesses are found based on ‘Location’, or ‘Service’ or ‘Product’ type.  The best place to start is where search engines look through search crawlers to validate your business location.  We claim and optimize business directory listings and optimize Google Plus, Facebook, & Twitter social media accounts.  Animated videos rank high in search and is an option we offer and introduces new visitors with a unique story and information on ‘Why you’ when new people find you.    New engaging content is what can differentiate a 1 or 2 page visit that lasts 30 seconds versus 3 plus page visits that last 2 minutes and ends with that person contacting you, or subscribing to your ‘Email Newsletter’.

Search engine optimization is important not only for search engines, but for your visitors.  If you can attract them and then engage them with answers to their questions, they win and so do you.

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Recent heat maps, show top sponsored ads on Google result in a high majority of clicks.  Since Google removed ads on the right side of page one, competition has increased.  We manage all aspects of search engine marketing (SEM) / paid search. What else? Inbound marketing is reaching people in the information seeking and buying funnel and a paid per click (PPC) strategy is effective for many business industries.

Over 65% of  research is done digitally.  Paid search management can compliment SEO efforts and social media marketing. Our PPC strategy connects you with active and targeted searches.   

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Search retargeting, site retargeting, and contextual retargeting to deliver display ads to users at the right prospect and at the right time. What else? Approximately 2% of website visitors convert on the first visit and we focus on the other 98%.

Retargeting works with ad networks, that we can target almost anywhere online.

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Videos are a useful tool in telling people who you are and why you. A tool utilized to get your full message across in 60 seconds, and shared from your website, YouTube, and social media channels.  Videos 60 seconds or less are viewed up to 59% of the time in from beginning to end. What else?

Adding effective exposure, video has a long shelf life, up to a few years making it an investment of choice and an attractive tool to advertise and promote.

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An effective content marketing strategy delivers provides useful information, tips, and details that engage users. eMarketer indicates 60% of marketers create minimum one piece of content every day.   What else? iBuildBiz utilizes content for brand awareness, lead generation, and to increase engagement.

With over 90% of marketers using content, trust increases over time, which supports multiple marketing methods going on at the same time.

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With over 2 billion active on social media, it has evolved to be a powerful tool.  Facebook alone adds over 500,000 people every day. What else? Being absent isn’t an option for most businesses and those that develop a social media calendar that is consistent and targeted can reap the many benefits social media offers.

Internet users have over 5 social media accounts. iBuildBiz markets companies on major social media platforms.

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The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.


The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Build a history of data, market multiple channels simultaneously, or utilize iBuildBiz to compliment your marketing. We intersect at any point.

Intimate Agency Delivering

We develop long lasting strategies that win business. Through a customized model, marketing begins by understanding your business and what it will take next.

Delivery & Results

The digital spectrum is endless and evolving. We deliver a strategy and measure results, and adapt to the marketing responses we deliver. Campaign management is integral in winning new customers.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

Smart devices rule the Internet world. We deliver responsive sites and reach mobile social users.  1 million active new mobile social media users are added every day.

Search engine optimization is a key part of the overall marketing strategy.  Proper SEO techniques can lead users to you.  We help you be found more easily.

Search engine management with paid sponsored ads is key in attracting new visitors. We develop a 360 degree funnel in all the stages of the buying process.

Video has become a preferred marketing channel over the last several years.  We create short and powerful animated videos typically up to 60 seconds long.

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